The Halfway Point

We’ve hit another milestone and are half way through this pregnancy. It feels really good to be here. Today marks 20 weeks, 1 day. Exactly three weeks past the gestation when we lost James.

This pregnancy feels really familiar. I feel much like I did when I was pregnant the first time. Sometimes I have to remind myself I’m pregnant or feel my belly to reassure myself it’s there. My desire for frequent chiropractic adjustments and massage treatments to relieve an aching sacrum are very familiar, too. That was a constant with my pregnancy with Connie and has been the same this time around. I’m happy and hopeful and feeling really good.

We’re being frequently monitored to watch for premature opening or shortening of the cervix and on progesterone throughout the pregnancy. More drastic interventions were discussed but my cervix is proving to once again be strong and holding so I am thrilled that those other considerations are off the table for the most part. I have faith that this fourth pregnancy will be as successful and blissful as our first. And give us the same result: a healthy, lively blessing, granted a full term of nurture.20 Week ComparisonI somehow remembered the outfit I was wearing at 20 weeks with Connie when my friend snapped a belly pic. I was so excited to capture my belly and she teased me that there was hardly anything to photograph. My belly came in quickly with this pregnancy and I feel much larger during this pregnancy, but when putting them side-by-side, the size doesn’t seem so drastic. I guess this growth just started early and has been steady and with Connie, it took a long time for the belly to come in and once it did, it kept going!

As I headed up stairs to change into that same outfit, I asked Connie if she would take a picture with me. She said “take the baby picture” and ran for the living room. I took this to mean she was going to get her baby doll for the picture too. She surprised me and melted my heart when she grabbed the frame holding our latest ultrasound image and proclaimed “take the baby picture….. this my baby!” Yes, sweet girl, it is and they are so lucky to have you, just as daddy and I are. When asked if she wants a boy or a girl she responds with “boy” and when asked if she wants a brother or sister, she says, “sister.” Either way, we’re all very excited and looking forward to meeting this lil one.

IMG_3462_1 copyIMG_3464_1 copy

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