I do a lot of reading and researching. All for personal gain or pleasure. In these efforts, first-hand accounts on the topics I am interested in draw me in and I have found comfort, support, and information through so many blogs. I’m thankful to bloggers for putting information out there, sharing their stories, going against the status quo and making the unpopular statements. For being a resource.

Over the past few years I have blogged for personal reflection and documentation but as I expand my passions and knowledge, I feel compelled to be a part of the blogging world to be a messenger, an advocate… to offer support, hope, and healing… to share, educate, and enlighten.

For about a year, I’ve blogged through our farm business website. We’re small-time for now, so blending our hobby and personal reflections didn’t seem completely unmatched, but as the business grows and my posts become far more personal, I thought is was long-overdue to separate those worlds. (You can get a glimpse into our farm and learn why we are passionate about what we are doing at bearvale.com.)

I gave a lot of consideration to the name for this new blog… one that captured the essence of all of my passions and the likely topics I’d publish. Most ideas were taken, others were too long to be appealing… With the help of a good friend, I decided on Bear Vale Life.

My values and beliefs, passions and interests, adventures and stories….my Bear Vale Life.

I’ve copied some of my past posts to this new site and going forward this blog will become a collection of my thoughts, studies, and passions. You’ll find posts on pregnancy, miscarriage, nutrition, natural living, gardening, cooking, health care alternatives, organics, parenting, preservation… If any of these interest you, welcome!

I hope I can return some value to the blogging world in which I have gained so much from.

Happy reading, and to your health–Cheers!