Independence Celebration in South Dakota

For the Independence Day holiday, we ventured to South Dakota to spend a few days with Carl and Darcy (or as Connie refers to them, Papa Carl & Grandma Darcy). It was one of the longest vacations we have taken together and it afforded us four full days in ‘the wild west’. We made the most of that time with activities, quality family time, and relaxation. For the most part, I unplugged and just enjoyed our time void of obligations. The greatest part of this trip was witnessing my daughter with her grandparents.

I’ve commented in other posts how much she loves all her grandparents and how fortunate she is to have three sets who love her deeply and play a big role in her life. It really is a wonderful relationship to witness and foster. Despite time and distance, Miss Connie picks up right where they left off with each visit with her Wild West Grandparents.

Connie did really well in the car considering the nearly 9 hours of travel to and from.

Here’s a recap of our week and many photos: Time with cattle, tractors, and ‘investments’; moving fences and cattle, church, four-wheeler rides, swinging, ice cream, vintage toys, dancing, cats and kittens, a great dog named Jake, deck construction, fireworks, time at the lake (which included a boat ride and getting Papa in the water!), a birthday celebration, and a visit to Grandma’s school room. It was a great time!

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