Thrive Market

Some of the ‘excuses’ I hear from folks about why they can’t eat “healthy” is 1) it’s too expensive, 2) they don’t have time, and 3) they don’t have access to quality foods because of where they live. Allow me to offer a solution for 1 and 3…

I live pretty remotely and to compound my entrapment, I work from home, so getting to my beloved Willey Street Coop 70+ miles away is a challenge. Which is why I love Thrive Market. They supply me with pantry essentials directly to my doorstep.

Thrive Market is a membership community that uses the power of direct buying to deliver the world’s best healthy food and natural products to our members at wholesale prices, and to sponsor free memberships for low-income American families. Get the highest-quality products you love, minus the retail markup, and help American families thrive. Three Thrive Market Promises: 1) Only the highest quality healthy and natural products. 2) Always at prices 25 to 50% off retail. 3) Always committed to sustainability and social justice.

In short, it’s an online health store that offers organic, non-GMO and dietary options as well as all your beauty products, supplements, and baby items (and much, much, more!). This is my go-to destination for pantry and bathroom items. On average, a box arrives from Thrive monthly. Toothpaste, deodorant, oils, vinegars, supplements, face lotion, mayo, chia and flax seed, collagen, etc. etc. etc. I also order our disposable diapers from here as well as organic formula when I was supplementing nursing. I love Thrive because:

  • They carry items I can’t obtain locally and have a great selection.IMG_0832
  • It keeps my pantry filled between infrequent trips to food co-ops.
  • They are sustainably focused and supporting those in need.
  • FREE shipping! Everything is very well packaged. I have ordered delicate items like chips and their magic packagers ensure everything arrives perfectly. (Let me clarify, shipping is free on orders over $49. I have always placed orders over that price point so I’ve never paid shipping.)
My most recent Thrive purchase. The almond butter was a freebie thrown in–full-size sample and we’ll likely purchase in the future.

Yes, there is an annual membership fee, but between the free shipping and wholesale pricing, it is well worth it, especially if you are going to buy those products elsewhere. I have compared their prices to Willey Street and Whole Foods and they are cheaper. When Connie was on formula, I saved $10 per container–that was huge saving over the months we needed this! Plus, Thrive usually throws in a free gift with your order and we have found some new products we really like as a result.

Try it for yourself. They offer a 30-day trial. Use the link below to sign up and Thrive will give you 15% off your first order (on top of their already reduced prices). Plus, when you become a member, Thrive will donate a membership to a low-income family through their “Thrive Gives” program. It’s a win-win! 

Happy shopping!


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