Our Rainbow Maternity Session

When these images were captured, we were just shy of 29 weeks; today marks 36. I remember looking at the countdown calculator on my pregnancy app or considering how far away December seemed in the first trimester. Now here we are four weeks, or less, or a bit more, from this life joining our family officially. In the first months, I wanted time to go fast, now it is flying by and I’m focused on getting things in order for this new life and the grand transition it will make to our lives and everyday life.

My friend and photographer who has captured so many chapters of our story came out in late September for our annual photo shoot; this year it was a combination of a family and maternity session. This pregnancy has gone well, much like the first. After completing the weeks of visits with the specialist and monitoring, it’s been nice to have some normalcy these past few weeks. And yesterday was my last dose of progesterone!

Family and friends are weighing in with guesses of whether we’ll have another girl or boy and when this lil one will make their arrival. There are a number of birthdays in December that could be shared, or they may choose a date all their own. Time will tell, and there is very little of that left. These weeks will go by in the blink of an eye, especially in the midst of the holiday season… which reminds me, I really need to get my shopping done!

So many have shared their ongoing prayers and well wishes. Thank you. We’ve been blessed in the wake of our heartache with this pregnancy and extra time with Connie. I can’t help but consider what a great time this is at this point in her life, at this age, for such an introduction. She seems to grasp the concept of the baby in mama’s tummy and is connected to it. Of course, there is nothing to prepare her for the change about to take place in her world. I’ve been grateful for the time with her and appreciative of what I have been able to witness and experience with her over this past year and a half. My greatest excitement as I look ahead is watching her officially take on the role of big sister and of these two lives bonding and growing.


_L3A1803 copy_L3A2134_1 copy_L3A2151_1 copy_L3A1876_1 copy_L3A1851_1 copy_L3A1948_1 copy_L3A1980_1 copy_L3A1558_1 copy_L3A1958_1 copy_L3A2067_1 copy_L3A1651_1 copy_L3A2111_1 copy_L3A1538_1 copy_L3A1601_1 copy_L3A1887_1 copy_L3A1580_2 copy_L3A1570_2 copy_L3A1718_1 copy_L3A1538_1 copy_L3A1646_1 copy_L3A1671_1 copy_L3A1672_1 copy_L3A1635_1 copy_L3A1660_1 copy_L3A1578_2 copy_L3A1736_2 copy_L3A1664_1 copy_L3A1569_1 copy_L3A1720_1 copy_L3A1780_2 copy_L3A1668_1 copy

Thank you, Rachel Manzke Photography!


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