I have long taken supplements to fill nutritional gaps, maintain energy, boost immunity, and improve health functions. In recent year, I have become concerned about the quality of those supplements, fueled by more than one undercover report busting major chains and vitamin labels for containing 0% (zero!) of what the package claimed. Knowing my affection for vitamin and nutrient supplementation, by chiropractic brother introduced me to IDLife.

id-lifeOne size does not fit all. IDLife stands for “Individually Designed Life”. IDLife offers a unique approach to optimizing your health, providing individualized nutrition supplements customized to meet your personal health needs, delivered to your door in easy to use strip packages sorted into AM/PM packets. So easy! Your supplements are customized to you based on a comprehensive (HIPAA compliant) assessment that evaluates your health history, medications, personal habits and health desires to determine your unique supplement combination, addressing your individual needs. The products are all certified organic, gluten-free, lactose-free, casein-free, Non-GMO, pharmaceutical grade, and FDA G.R.A.S. List Compliant.

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In additional to great supplements, IDLife offers a variety of products including shakes, energy enhancers, workout preparation and recovery options, snack bars, skincare products, sleep strips, and options for your kids–all created with the same consideration to quality and safe ingredients.