Hi! I’m Lori–Lorena officially, but I have gone by Lori for so long… and it rarely gets mispronounced!).

I am a wife. God blessed me with my Cody. He supports my passions, is the unheard voice of this blog, and together we are building something pretty special.

Together, we have a daughter. A very smart, sweet and spunky child who will be two in April. She’s taught us more than we’ll ever be able to teach her and is the catalyst for our commitment¬†to a Bear Vale Lifestyle.

dw4a1818_1Together we operate an organic hobby farm on 117 acres in beautiful Bear Valley, Wisconsin. OK, so Cody does a little more than I do on this front, but we each have our roles. We raise grass-fed beef cattle and dabble in organic crops. All this in our spare time. By day, Cody is a mechanic (a very talented one at that) and I manage a customer service department.

Together we experienced the loss of two children during separate pregnancies. Our second child, James, was lost at 17 weeks. Our third child, Morgan, was lost just shy of 9 weeks. We are currently trying again.

Together we balance work, home, and farm. We strive to find ways to be more sustainable, conscience and responsible–for our family and the environment.

This blog serves as an outlet but the longer I blog the more I come to realize it serves beyond myself. As someone who seeks information and researches decisions for my family, I have gained so much from other bloggers. My goal is to contribute to this virtual community and share information that is readily available but perhaps not visible…